DISC Personality Profiling
delivers greater understanding &
effective communication strategies

The DISC is a training, development and recruitment tool that is accurate, valuable and easy to use. DISC tests based on the highly successful DISC model of personality have been administered more than 100 million times throughout the world.

No need for expensive training or certification

You can use this DISC test without the need for certification or training. Our profiles are easily interpreted.

Fee per test – £24.25 ($31.50)


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Direct, forceful and decisive.
Enjoys a challenge.


Energised by others. Enthusiastic and optimistic.
Enjoys influencing people.



Co-operative, patient and thoughtful.



Enjoys following procedures.
Strives for order and avoids risks.

The DISC Questionnaire

The DISC questionnaire consists of 28 sets of culture-free multiple choices and takes about 12 minutes to complete. Every single phrase and question has been carefully calibrated to ensure accurate results.

DISC test questionnaire
DISC Report

The DISC Profile

The DISC Profile has been designed to be user-friendly and easily interpreted.

The content consists of:

– three graph results
– a description of the individual’s personality
– clues and cues on communication and interacting
– thought provoking advice on why people behave the way they do.

The DISC Control Panel or Dashboard

In your secure admin Control Panel you can:
1. Send an email inviting someone to take the DISC Test.
2. View profiles of all test-takers.
3. Track test-takers who have not yet completed the questionnaire as requested.
4. Email test-takers, or a third party, a link to results.
5. Review the DISC Manual.

DISC control panel

‘Organisations hire people for their skills and fire them for their behaviour!’

Quote from the Financial Times

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£24.25 per test ($31.50)

Initial purchase – minimum of 10 tests. Thereafter tests can be purchased in blocks of 10.

Initial purchase includes set-up of an exclusive test administration Control Panel.


No Hidden Costs

No hidden costs such as additional training or certification fees.


Volume Usage

Let us know your annual expected usage and we will be delighted to give you a quote


Easy to Administer

Easy to administer test providing a succinct, to-the-point report.


People Success

Increase your selection and development strategy


Improve your profile

Speed-up induction and development and create an objective level playing field for job applicants