Why use the DISC
personality test?


At a time when soft skills and mental health are taking centre-stage, it’s essential to assess and educate people with a framework such as DISC to help them appreciate individual differences, diversity and how distinct communication styles can be.

Because of its successful reputation, DISC is an increasingly popular business instrument. Organisations use it for team building, training/development and recruiting.

Clients say that it is very accurate, easy to use and a practical tool in the workplace.

Training & Development Using The DISC Test

We believe that the ultimate goal in any organisation has to be improved productivity via happy, understood – and understanding – employees.

The benefits to be gained when using DISC for training and development:

  • Promotes understanding and co-operation
  • Helps to resolve conflict
  • Cements teams
  • Provides a common language
  • Improves an individual’s ability to understand and communicate with clients and potential clients

For Team Assessment please refer to our Success Profiling service below.

Can I use DISC test for hiring or recruitment?


Improve your hiring success by including DISC into your recruitment process.

Hiring the wrong person
As you probably know, the cost of hiring the wrong person is amazingly high in monetary terms. Researchers agree that it costs six to nine months’ salary on average to replace a ‘bad’ hire.
This is apart from the affect the poor selection will have on the morale of the other people concerned. Bringing the wrong person into a team can have a devastating effect on the everyday functioning of a business resulting in lower productivity and revenue. All caused by not checking the personality and compatibility of your most important asset – people!

Use the DISC to achieve a better ‘culture fit’

Success Profiling
DISC assess your team and create a benchmark, or point of reference, against which to compare job applicants. Success Profiling is an enlightening and very useful service to help you gain knowledge about your team and to save you money. The service is provided at a very attractive fee and will enable you to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person in the future.

DISC profiling can significantly help to improve selection success. However, people-decisions should never be based solely on DISC results. CV and bio-data will all need to be carefully considered and factored into the overall ‘picture’ of the person.

DISC ‘Interviewing’

  • Structured
  • Analytical and Probing
  • Precise
  • Objective
  • Logical
  • Accurate

DISC for personal use

Interacting with everyone in the world!

  • Use the DISC model to discover ‘where you are coming from’.
  • Identify the DISC in others and improve interactions to the benefit of all – at work and at home.
  • Understand the behaviour of others and communicate more constructively.

Learn to recognise the DISC in others and gain a competitive edge

Personality Predicts Job Success

For years psychologists turned to cognitive ability – intelligence – as a predictor of job performance:
But intelligence alone is only part of the story, say researchers.
Personality, rather than intelligence, predicts job success!
University of Tulsa.

Nature vs Nurture

People are not born ‘blank slates’. However, it is not all in the genes. Life experiences change us and define us. Nurture, in effect, shapes our very nature. Over the years extensive research has been carried out involving the nature/nurture controversy and today nearly all scientists agree that both nature and nurture play crucial roles in human development.