Why use the DISC

The DISC is often recommended as a great tool for:

  • personal use
  • selection
  • team building

Interacting with clients and customers

The DISC can be a great tool for connecting more successfully with everyone:

  • colleagues
  • family
  • colleagues
  • bosses
  • clients and customers!

Nature versus Nurture

People are not born ‘blank slates’. However, it is not all in the genes. Life experiences change us and define us. Nurture, in effect, shapes our very nature.

Over the years extensive research has been carried out involving the nature/nurture controversy and today nearly all scientists agree that both nature and nurture play crucial roles in human development.

Learn to recognise the DISC in others and gain a competitive edge

By recognising the DISC style of others, people can:

– fine-tune their understanding of why people behave the way they do.
– achieve the results they desire by adjusting their way of dealing/connecting with them.

Knowledge is powerful!
Recognising the DISC style in others will help improve communication and build relationships