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DISC Personality Assessment – A recruitment and development tool that is accurate, valuable and easy to use

Method of Payment – Add to Cart or Invoice - £24.25/$31.50 per test

If you wish to order a number of tests and would prefer to be invoiced please email our Curator of Tests and she will set you up with your own unique DISC Control Panel*.

You can be up and running sending out email invitations to take-a-test within a matter of hours.

Name Test Quantity Price
DISC Test 1 £24.25/$31.50
DISC Test 2 £48.50/$63.00
DISC Test 3 £72.75/$94.50
DISC Test 4 £97.00/$126.00
DISC Test 5* £121.25/$157.50

*For more than 5 tests please email or call +44 (0) 77 22 587 006. We will provide you with a Control Panel account and invoice your company.

Mechanics – purchasing via PayPal

  • Purchase your tests via the PayPal link.
    This link gives you an option to pay via PayPal or using your Bank Card.
  • As soon as you make payment you will receive an email to the address provided when making payment.
    Look out for an email from 'Personality' with the subject 'DISC order confirmation'. (As usual, check your Junk folder.)
  • That email will contain instructions and unique links to however many tests you ordered.

The Results

  • As soon as a test is completed an email will be sent providing a link to results.
    The report is provided in a PDF format.

If any problems please get back to us as we are always here to help.

Purchase securely with payment type.

Interpreting DISC

Our reporting method is very user-friendly and easily understood. However, if you feel you would like to become an expert, we can provide further training and coaching on an hourly basis by Skype.

Email for more information

Payment Methods

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If you do not have a PayPal account you can pay by bank card. Click on the PayPal button and you will see an option near the bottom saying 'Checkout as Guest'. This option will allow you to pay by all the usual bank cards including American Express.

All purchases will include access to further information on understanding and interpreting the DISC Model

Already DISC Certified/Trained?

You will find our DISC system very valuable and accurate.

Personality Predicts Job Success

Research indicates that personality traits predict success:

  • nearly 50% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.
  • only 19% will achieve success.

In 89% of cases, this was due to the habitual behaviour – the personality – of the recruit.

Only 11% of recruits fail due to a lack of ability or technical skill.