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DISC Personality Assessment – A recruitment and development tool that is accurate, valuable and easy to use

The free DISC is not available.

Because of misuse we have had to remove the free version of the DISC.

The free DISC was only suitable as a guidance. It was not appropriate for use as a decision-making instrument. Nor as a training or development tool.

Hopefully, we will have it back online soon.

In the meantime, if you are really keen to try the DISC for genuine reasons please email

El DISCO gratuito no está disponible

Por mal uso hemos tenido que quitar el versión gratuita del DISC.

El DISC gratuito solo sirvió como guía. No era apropiado para su uso como instrumento de toma de decisiones. Tampoco como herramienta de formación o desarrollo.

Con suerte, lo volveremos a tener en línea pronto.

Mientras tanto, puede comprar su informe completo de 1 página por una tarifa muy reducida:

Euro 6.50

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Espere unos segundos para que se cargue el informe.

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GBP 6.00

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al cliente, así que espere un poco de tiempo.


Unprecedented Times

We are all experiencing a new type of life – complex and unthought of territory.
Whatever these times may be bringing to you, show sympathy and kindness to yourself.

Remind yourself that it is tough for you as well as for those you love or care for.

Nurture yourself by taking plenty of ‘just being’ breaks – close your eyes, sit still and listen to your breath – even if only for 5 minutes. (Or even just 3 minutes!)

Take a lunch break. Make time to walk and find something to smile at. Even in these difficult times, it’s a wonderful world.

Personality Predicts Job Success

For years psychologists turned to cognitive ability – intelligence - as a predictor of job performance:

But intelligence alone is only part of the story, say researchers.

Conscientiousness, creativity, integrity, thoroughness and co-operation also play major roles in a person's job suitability and productivity.

Personality, rather than intelligence, predicts success!

-Joyce Hogan, PhD, of the University of Tulsa.