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Personality Predicts Job Success

Research indicates that personality traits predict success in areas such as employment:

  • nearly 50% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months.
  • only 19% will achieve success.

In 89% of cases, this was due to the habitual behaviour – the personality – of the recruit.
Only 11% of recruits fail due to a lack of ability or technical skill.

Solution – the DISC Personality Assessment

Assess the behaviour/personality of the individual scientifically and objectively.
Obtain an insight beyond the biographical and CV information. And beyond your impression.
Improve your selection decisions.

About the report

DISC Patterns or Classifications

To help communication and understanding, researchers and experts in the DISC
Personality Model have defined what are known as ‘Patterns’ or

These Patterns are based on the relationship between the scores for the four
DISC areas measured … on the ‘shape’ of the profile.

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Direct, assertive and decisive. Enjoys a challenge.


Energised by others. Enthusiastic, creative and optimistic. Enjoys influencing people.



Co-operative, patient and thoughtful.



Strives to be responsible, accurate, careful and error-free

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