Free DISC Profile

DISC Personality Assessment – A recruitment and development tool that is accurate, valuable and easy to use

As used by companies for recruitment and selection purposes.

DISCover your DISC personality profile:

Describes the way people assert themselves, control situations and deal with problems.

The way people deal and react with other people. Are they energised by being in a group and communicating?

Describes how steady, patient and thoughtful a person is.

How carefully a person approaches and organises their activity, procedures and responsibilities.

The DISC Personality Test is used worldwide by career counsellors, coaches and business organisations. It is a proven valuable and perceptive tool predicting behaviour at work and at play.

Free Taster Test

The free report that you will receive will be accurate and provides:
- a visual summary of your ‘evolved’ personality and your 'public' personality.
- a narrative describing your dominant personality trait/s.
- a description of your DISC Style

Take the DISC Test – takes about 10 minutes

Most people find questionnaires like this interesting. You are forced to think about your feelings and behaviour in a way that you would not normally take the time to do.

So, please try to be spontaneous – but - put your ‘best foot forward’ - imagine you are taking the test for a potential employer .


This questionnaire contains 28 sets of statements - in groups of four - describing people's character, attitudes and behaviour.

  • Study the statements in the group of four.
  • Select the ONE description that you consider Most Like You.
  • Study the remaining three descriptions.
  • Select the ONE description you consider Least Like You.


We are aware that you may sometimes find it difficult to decide which description to select. Go with your first spontaneous choice. That decision is likely to be very accurate.

Please enter your name here:
    Most Least
1a People see me as a leader
1b I am normally a kind person
1c I accept things as they happen
1d People say I have a strong personality
2a I find it difficult to relax
2b I have many different types of friends
2c I am always ready to help others
2d I like to behave correctly
    Most Least
3a I tend to do what I am told
3b I like things to be very neat and tidy
3c I am not easily discouraged by what others say
3d I enjoy having fun
4a I respect my elders and those in authority
4b I am always willing to do new things to take a risk
4c I believe things will go well
4d I am always willing to help
    Most Least
5a I am a neat and orderly person
5b I am very active, both at work and play
5c I am a very calm and placid person
5d I usually get what I want
    Most Least
6a I am happy with life
6b I usually trust people
6c I like peace and quiet
6d I have a very positive attitude
7a I am a disciplined person
7b I always take notice of what other people say
7c I try to be helpful
7d I am always cheerful
    Most Least
8a I am self-confident
8b People say I am understanding of others
8c I have a tolerant attitude towards life
8d I am a determined person
9a I rarely get angry
9b I like things to be precise and correct
9c I am a confident person
9d I enjoy having a laugh and a joke
    Most Least
10a My behaviour is well disciplined
10b People see me as being helpful
10c I am always busy
10d I keep trying until I get what I want
    Most Least
11a I enjoy competition
11b I do not treat life too seriously
11c I always consider others
11d I am an agreeable person
12a I am very persuasive
12b I see myself as a gentle person
12c I am a very modest type
12d I often come up with original ideas
    Most Least
13a I am very helpful towards others
13b I don't like taking risks
13c I don't give up easily
13d People like to be around me
14a I am usually a careful person
14b I always work hard towards my goals
14c I am good at convincing people
14d I tend to be a friendly person
    Most Least
15a It is difficult to frighten or scare me
15b People say I am fun to be with
15c I am always willing to follow orders
15d I am a rather shy person
    Most Least
16a I am very willing to change my opinion
16b I like a good argument
16c I am usually an easy going person
16d I always look at the positive things in life
17a I enjoy being around other people
17b I am very patient
17c I can usually solve problems without help
17d I rarely raise my voice in anger
    Most Least
18a I am always ready and willing
18b I am always happy to try new things
18c I don't like arguments
18d People describe me as being very enthusiastic
19a I enjoy taking a chance
19b I am very open to other people's ideas
19c I am always polite and courteous
19d I am a moderate rather than an extreme person
    Most Least
20a I am usually a forgiving person
20b I am a sensitive person
20c I have a lot of energy
20d I can socialise with anyone
    Most Least
21a I enjoy chatting with people
21b I control my emotions
21c I am usually a traditional person
21d I make decisions quickly
22a I usually keep my feelings to myself
22b Being correct is important to me
22c I like to share my opinions openly
22d I am very friendly
    Most Least
23a I am thoughtful when speaking with others
23b I am very bold and daring
23c Most people find me acceptable
23d I feel satisfied with life
24a I am obedient
24b I am always willing to try
24c Loyalty is one of my strengths
24d I am a charming and charismatic person
    Most Least
25a I can sometimes be aggressive
25b I am good fun and have a lot of personality
25c People think I am easy to persuade
25d I am usually rather timid
    Most Least
26a I am good at motivating people
26b Patience is one of my major strengths
26c I am careful to say the right thing
26d I have a strong desire to win
27a People find me easy to get along with
27b I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others
27c I always think things through
27d I prefer to get things done now rather than wait for later
    Most Least
28a I am good at analysing situations
28b I get bored easily
28c I think about how my decisions might affect others
28d People see me as relaxed and easy going
Additional Questions: Yes No
1. Did you fully understand the Instructions about completing this questionnaire?
2. Were you able to read the questions without difficulty?
3. Did you understand all of the questions?
4. Did you respond accurately and honestly?
5. Did you discuss your responses with any other person prior to or whilst completing the questionnaire?

Personality Predicts Job Success

For years psychologists turned to cognitive ability – intelligence - as a predictor of job performance:

But intelligence alone is only part of the story, say researchers.

Conscientiousness, creativity, integrity, thoroughness and co-operation also play major roles in a person's job suitability and productivity.

Personality, rather than intelligence, predicts success!

-Joyce Hogan, PhD, of the University of Tulsa.